How I Stay Accountable

Although it may not exactly be fashionable, I thought I would share with you all today how to stay accountable to my job and myself.

This week I am back home with my family in Kentucky, but that doesn’t mean I’m totally on vacation. When I first landed I took a few days to catch up with family and friends, but now it’s work time. It’s easy when you don’t have someone looking over your shoulder to slack a little when it comes to things that can be put off to another day, but I’m not one for doing the bare minimum.

I have a little gold notebook and nice Sharpie pen that never leaves my side and everyday I start a to-do list that grows throughout the day and gets checked off as things get done. At the end of the day I write my boss an email with a list of what I accomplished. Mostly this is just re-writing my check list with everything I got done. This is also where I ask questions and leave notes about questions I got answered throughout the day. Doing this makes me feel accomplished and excited about starting the next day fresh. Of course there are also days that not everything gets done, so those would just get added to the next day’s list.

My job (well, one of my many jobs) right now is likely the most rewarding I’ve ever had before because I can see the work I’m doing make a big difference. A lot of what I have done in the past is just “working for the future,” which is great, but hard to keep up the motivation for because there’s no immediate satisfaction. Over the last few months I have seen that because I uploaded one thing, another thing can be done and then picking the right picture so that it draws in crowds means more success as a whole.

Everything I check off influenced the next and in the end we had a song come out world wide and spread throughout many of the major news and music outlets. No, I did not do anywhere close to all of the work, but I am proud of the things that I did and everything we all accomplished as a team. Going through and seeing the comments written to the artist is rewarding to me because as a girl from Florida/Kentucky I never even dreamed to be a part of something so big in the music industry.

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