Finding gems!

One of the perks of working at LOFT is that I can find gems that I would not usually find while just out shopping. My favorite gem that I have found since starting is this pearl collar necklace. It is simply beautiful and can be worn in so many ways. Plus, it’s an excuse to […]

Winter whites!

Who decided that it was ok to snow in early November?? Yes it is beautiful and was not enough to make driving unsafe, but this just makes me scared about how bad this winter is going to be! I do want to move to New York after college, so I can’t really complain about Kentucky… […]

Nude problems.

Recently my favorite place to shop for work clothes has been my mom’s closet! (Perks of still living at home) This cheetah print top was a perfect print to mix with my red skirt and riding boots. To define my waist more I added a floral black belt. The one big issue I had with […]

Moving up in the world!

Another day, another work outfit! This time instead of dressing in the car after babysitting in the morning I carried my clothes onto campus and changed in a bathroom stall. I’m really moving up in the world guys! For this outfit I raided my mom’s closet for a Fall and work appropriate dress. A black […]

Working fashion!

Another day, another work outfit. This one is more my typical outfit than yesterday’s was. The Zara statement necklace and leather riding boots dress the outfit up, a button up blouse buttoned up all the way added another touch of fashion to the outfit, and orange jeans are just for fun! I have come to […]

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