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This weekend is the last Keeneland weekend until October which means I am taking in as much as I can! Although I didn’t feel well last weekend, I still get dressed up and spent a few hours with a friend at Keeneland. We had a table available to us, and when you have the chance to sit somewhere with food and free water there is nothing that should keep you away!

That night I was also my sister’s Confirmation sponsor, so my outfit had to be Keeneland and Church appropriate. I love this dress because it can easily transition from day to evening, and work to play. Since this was mostly day time dressing, I went with tan accessories and a statement earring. This was a pretty simple look, but perfect for everything I needed it for!

More Keeneland outfits here, here and here.

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Representing an Atmosphere!

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lauren allen fashion blog 4-21-15cWhen I style a photo shoot my outfit always seems to reflect the mood board of the photo shoot. It is never something that I do intentionally, but the inspiration seems to take over my whole life, and I just run with it! This outfit was more representative of the atmosphere of the photo shoot that I styled recently.

I wore this outfit to style a fashion segment for a Fox 56 Kentucky Derby TV show that they are working on. No, I did not get to be in front of the camera to talk about the trends, but it felt appropriate to wear a suit-type outfit anyways. The idea of this opportunity just seemed so professional that I wanted my outfit to show the business side of me with my typically fashion twist. There is just something about putting on a blazer that makes me feel like I can run the world!

The segment should air in about a week, so I will share screen shots if possible on here once it comes out!

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Exciting Opportunities!

Lauren takes ItalyI have some very exciting news to share!! Through my digital art minor I have been given the opportunity to study abroad this summer! I will be in Italy from May 20- June20. While there I will be taking photography and a social media content creation class. Could anything be more perfect?! This is not something that I ever imagined myself doing, but when I heard about it, the trip just seemed too good to pass up. While there I will bounce around Florence, Siena and Rome with a few other quick trips thrown in there.

Now is there time for you to chime in, I need all of your tips! Where do I go? What do I do? Most importantly, what do I wear??

While I am there I plan to blog about my adventures and outfits! The count down begins now, only one more month!

Wedding Wednesday!



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A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to model for Divine on Broadway‘s fashion show! Captive Memories Photography took some amazing pictures before the show, and I just had to share some of them (more HERE). I am one of the those girls that has had her wedding planned since elementary school, so getting to wear two different wedding dresses in one day was a dream come true! The only thing that was better than the dresses was the women that I got to spend the day with. My mom wore a mother of the bride dress, so I got to do the fashion show with her. All of the models were really a lot of fun to spend the day with, including Miss Kentucky, Ramsey Carpenter!

Pictures from the actual fashion show can be seen on the Tops in Lex website!

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Keeneland Fashion!

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My favorite part about living in Lexington is Probably the two months a year that Keeneland is opened! Everyone puts on their nicest outfits and heads to the race track for a fun day of betting on horse races and people watching. There is no dress code, so you do see a little bit of everything, but the general consensus is classic with a modern twist. This week we had family friends in town, and it was opening weekend of Keeneland which made for the perfect Saturday!

Before heading to Keeneland for the afternoon, I actually pulled outfits for a fashion at the races segment for a TV show (more about that another day). For these adventures I wore a conservative midi skirt (similar) and showed a little more skin with a fun crop top (similar). As you have probably noticed by now, I seriously cannot stop wearing the cropped jean jacket. It goes with everything!

If you ever get the chance to go to Keeneland, don’t pass up the opportunity!

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