To My Past and Future.

As a millennial, I have found myself scrolling endlessly though TikTok in my free time recently. One video has really stuck with my. This girl was explaining how if her 13 year old self walked past her current self, her younger self would think she looked really cool. This got me thinking about what my […]


As much as I like to fight it, I am clumped in with the millions of Americans with crazy mood swings right now. For most of my  five weeks here in North Carolina I have felt separated from the chaos, as the town that I am in has been spared of any Corona cases. Being […]

The Uncertain Future.

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about how the Corona Virus that has overwhelmed China was impacting the bridal gown industry. I was so busy at work that I never got a chance to get it published. We were so focused on making sure that gowns were not getting delayed overseas to impact […]

Cheers to 3 Years!

This month marks THREE years of living in NYC for me. In some ways this was the most “normal” year since moving here, with a regular schedule and no life-threatening sicknesses. But in so many other ways this has been the biggest milestone year of my entire life. I wrote and self-published a freaking BOOK!! […]

25 and Feeling Fine!

Thinking about turning 25 today has made my head spin with countless emotions. I could not be happier about where my life is heading right now, but over the last few years this day has put my life into a tail spin. If you’ve read my book, you’ll know that turning 23 changed everything for […]

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