Luxury Garage Sale!

April 20th, 2014






This weekend has been so overwhelmingly amazing that I have not had time to sit down and put it all into words until now, on the drive home. There’s no way I could fit all of the awesomeness into one blog, so check back over the next two days to get the full story.

On Thursday I went to class in the morning, met up with my family and drove straight to Chicago just in time to attend the party/networking event at Luxury Garage Sale which was definitely the most luxurious consignment boutique I’ve ever been in! My mom and I spent a while walking around, feeling all of the beautiful clothes and dreaming about being able to afford all of the Chanel and Prada, and then the School of Style owners put together a style-off. Three people were randomly picked and they had 30 minutes to put together an outfit. The first person that was chosen backed out and I had to hold back from saying “I volunteer as tribute!!” Unfortunately I was not chosen, so I just styled outfits in my head!

Since I had to dress for class, a six hour car trip and this party I decided to wear comfortable layers that could be easily dressed up. LOFT Boyfriend Jeans (loving this wash right now) and a simple Target tee were the beginning layers for what was first a grandpa sweater and flats, and then turned into blazer and heeled booties. I would have loved to play around with different night time looks and things that wouldn’t normally work well in Lexington, but comfort had to take highest importance in this situation. This is where confidence came in, no matter what you wear, wear it with confidence and you will look like you belong.



The baseball cap is back!

April 17th, 2014




I have brought back thee baseball cap! Well, back to the blog that is. This J. Crew baseball cap is a staple on my off days from blog pictures. It helps me be casual and comfortable, but still pretty pulled together. I almost didn’t photograph this outfit, but I loved the necklace and boots combo so much that it was necessary. One of the many colors in this fun Bluetique statement necklace is the same purple as my rain boots. This will be fun to style over and over again! But for a Monday, a chambray shirt and brown leggings were the best I was going to get. The next version will have to be attempted on a weekend when I am the most creative.

On a more exciting note, tomorrow I am heading to Chicago with my family where I will be attending a personal styling class. Keep checking back on the blog to hear more about it!


Let’s talk vintage!

April 14th, 2014




Spring is finally in the air (despite the chance of snow tomorrow, but we’ll just ignore that) and the first thing I grabbed when it was 75 degrees and sunny was my favorite vintage dress from Street Scene here in Lexington. I love that it is unique and the dimensions cold not be more perfect. It’s not too long, not too short, sleeveless but still covered, and V-neck without being too low. And it’s pink! In other words, it’s perfect.

Now that it is warm enough to leave the house without looking like a big fat marshmallow, it will be easier to go vintage shopping to try things on and hop from store to store. If you are nervous about getting started, I co-wrote an article for MOUR last year with tips! Check it out online HERE, beginning on page 22.

Do you have a favorite vintage find?

Mood clothes!

April 13th, 2014




Yes, I did wear both of these pieces already this week. No, I did not realize that. Yes, They are my favorite pieces in my closet right now.

There is something about finding the perfect pieces of clothing that make you feel more like yourself than you could ever put into words. To me, that is what fashion is meant to be. I use clothes to express how I am feeling and who I am. Yesterday I went for black on black with a baseball cap because I was just all around mentally and physically exhausted (notice the lack of blog pictures yesterday). Today I was much less sleep deprived and extremely excited about the beautiful Spring weather, so a polka dot top and flowey skirt were ideal for my happy mood!


Go outside!

April 10th, 2014




Today was one of those days where no matter how much needs to get done inside, you pretty much have to spend the day outside. This especially applies when you have a new dog that loves to be outside. On beautiful days I love to wear bright pretty colors, it just adds to the cheeriness of the day. After this terribly long winter there is nothing more I want than thin layers and bright colors. This season’s spring fashion is so beautiful, it is going to be fun to start integrating it into my current wardrobe!