Accentuating the Statement!




Statement necklaces like this are meant to be the focal point of an outfit. That is why I kept this outfit very neutral with a light denim jacket, a white tee and tan jogger pants. I did add a pop of color with purple Keds to accentuate the necklace. This look is perfect for the current transition from Summer to Fall.


Plaid and Shine!





As you may already know, I loving mixing the highs and lows of fashion. Today instead of describing this as designer vs. low-end retailer, I am focusing it on dressy vs. casual. Nothing is more casual than plaid and boyfriend jeans. Then to dress up the outfit I layered the Old Navy plaid with an embellished tank from Forever 21 and then a boot with a bit of a heel completed the look. I really liked this outfit because it was just a little bit different. Tying the button down at the bottom is unexpected and creates a waist-line without wearing anything too tight or showing too much skin.



Dressing for anything!




One of the main reasons I make sure to pull myself together everyday is because I never know how the day will unfold. When I wore this outfit last Friday my schedule consisted of attending one class. In the end I went to class, ran errands, attempted a nap, and then somehow ended up assisting with a Lexington Fashion Collaborative fashion show. If I had worn workout shorts and a t-shirt to class that day being at the fashion show would have been very embarrassing considering I did not have any time to change. Instead I started with jeans, Chuck’s and a silky peplum shirt. Perfect for anything that life through my way!

School Uniform!!




If I were to describe the perfect outfit for a day around campus, this would be it. Any combination of a button down, cotton shorts and basic accessories are all I need to concur the day. It also can work for anyone with any style from preppy to edgy, or classic to high fashion. Do you have a favorite combo that is a no-brainer while getting dressed in the morning?

Black and White…




Every time I wear these pants I try to play with color because olive green is neutral enough to go with anything, but enough of a color to be a fun addition to an outfit. You have probably noticed that I did not succeed with my attempt at color today. I just love how my olive jeans look with black and white! Can I explain why? Nope, it’s just because.

On a note-so-light note… You have probably heard by now that Joan Rivers had died. Hearing this news yesterday broke my heart because for as long as I can remember I have looked forward to laughing with her every Friday on Fashion Police. Unfortunately I am not old enough to have known much of what she did before that show, but I can tell you that Fashion Police had a huge influence in my decision to focus my career in fashion. One of my long term goals was to sit next to her of Fashion Police once day. Now I will just have to grow in the fashion industry knowing how much she helped make it was it is today. Here’s to watching YouTube videos of her all weekend!


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