Match made in Heaven!




If I could get like 5 more of these tunics in every length and color, that would be great! Unfortunately it was a random Marshals find, so the hunt is still on for similar ones. This weekend I styled it with my Sorjet jacket for a bit of an edgier look.I loved that the jacket and top were the same length, it’s like a match made in heaven!

Casual Monday!




Casual Fridays are SO overrated, casual Mondays are where it’s at! On Fridays I usually have plans or am just excited for the weekend, but Mondays are filled with alarm clocks, classes and homework with the storm cloud of the rest of the week hanging over my head.

Although this does sound like the perfect time to stay in sweats, avoid the temptation! This Monday outfit was just as comfortable as sweats while not looking like I would rather be sleeping than in my teacher’s class. Jeggings and a J. Crew graphic tee were good basics, and a mens’ flannel shirt was the perfect layering piece. There are endless combinations of outfits like this, so play with it until you create your own Casual Monday outfit!

New Winter Favorites




Recently I have been really intrigued with the idea of winter whites. In Florida there isn’t actually a winter, so the days that it gets chilly, Floridians usually gravitated towards more typical winter colors. Here in Lexington winter can feel like it never ends, so white is like a breath of fresh air. Until recently I didn’t actually own anything white that was winter appropriate. Now that’s all I want to buy! This outfit was great for a day of boutique hopping, planning for photo shoots. It was warm enough to not need a coat, but these layers were much appreciated.

To add some life to this look I added brown riding boots, a plaid scarf and the coolest simple earrings ever (from RnJ Accessories, but similar here). More combinations of winter white to come soon hopefully!




Leather and Llamas!




Yesterday, a classic wrap dress. Today, leather pants and a llama sweater. Examples like this are the reason why the question “What is your personal style?” is harder to answer than any SAT question. I wouldn’t have it any other way though!

Playing with fashion is one of the best parts of my job. How someone could be content with wearing practically the same thing everyday baffles me! Every outfit is a different persona for me (while always staying the same me under it all). The wrap dress was professional while still being girly and fashionable. This outfit (worn on my first day of classes) makes a statement about my love of fashion and quirkiness, but is still practical and the general idea of it, jeans and a sweater, isn’t that outside of the box. These coated jeans are a new addition to my closet, and a perfect pairing with this J Crew sweater (other option) that I’ve been trying to find new ways to style.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, have fun with fashion!! Let it be entertainment as well as practical.

It’s a Wrap!





One of my guilty pleasures is attending bridal shows… The guilty part of that is that I am very single, and very broke, but they just make me happy! Luckily I have many connections in the the wedding industry. Last weekend I went to Bridal Bliss and walked around looking at wedding dresses and eating the free food, but I had the excuse that I was there helping out Trips to Cherish (Which I did!). Jessica is one of my business partners in our new business Swept Away Proposals and Events which will be better explained in another blog post!

For this day of “work” I borrowed a wrap dress from my mom’s closet. Recently I read Diane Von Furstenburg’s book, and was a dedicated viewer of her show House of DVF, so wrap dresses have been the only thing on my mind. Unfortunately I do not yet have a DVF wrap, but this one is beautiful.

This DVF dress is on major sale and is a great Investment! This JCPenny dress is a good budget friendly version.

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