Summer colors!

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Navy and white is such a classic summer combination! I kept this outfits simple with a stripe tee and purse, and navy shorts. Golds brightened up the outfit, and a merlot hat for a pop of color. There are so many variations of this color combinations, it could take a whole summer to try them all!

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All Amerian!

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This 4th of July I decided to go for a classic All-American look for downtown Lexington’s festival and an evening with family and friends. To me, nothing screams American like vintage Levi’s and a tied shirt. For the holiday I added red Toms and a red bandeau, and hints of blue with a bracelet and purse.

This is definitely an outfit that I would switch up a bit to wear again on a regular day!

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Summer Nights!

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Getting back into reality has been harder than expected after living in Italy for a month with 50 people. As nice as it is to be at home, I do kind of miss being around people all of the time! So, last week my mom and I went to Thursday Night Live here in Lexington. It was great to spend some time with my mom and be around people again! This is what I wore for a quick community meeting with the Lexington Fashion Collaborative and some time at the 5/3rd pavilion.

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Louisville Fashion Night Out

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This weekend I attended Louisville Fashion Night Out as Press. Not only did I get to see people I know, and write about the event, I also was able to meet new people who are influencing the fashion industry throughout the country. The VIP treatment wasn’t so terrible either! You can find my article on the KY Kernel website.

For the fashion show I decided to go for a 50s inspired look. This is actually my mom’s skirt that I have always affectionately referred to as the “Because I Said So” skirt, after one of my favorite movies. To update the look I switched belts from a big plastic belt buckle to a smaller, sparklier one. This look was much different than the edgy look I was originally aiming for, but in the end I think this look actually stood out more.

Saying Goodbye!

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I am officially back home from Italy and have been in recovery mode since Sunday! After a month of going nonstop with a group of 50 people it sure feels nice to sit quietly in my house and read a good book.

Our last few days in Italy were spent by the beach in Ostia finishing up the last of our assignments and getting just a little bit tanner. On the night before our 24 hour travel adventure, we all pulled together our nicest outfits and had one last dinner as the big family we had become. Before dinner started the director and one of the other students put on KIIS’s (Kentucky Institute of International Study) first awards ceremony. It was so much fun to see people get recognized for the things that they had become known for throughout the trip. I am proud to say that my friend Jackie (in the black dress and pearls pictured above) an I won “most fashionable without even trying!”

Unfortunately it was hard to find the time, energy and WIFI to blog frequently throughout the trip, but soon I will post a round-up blog with some pictures of the incredible places I was able to visit thanks to this study abroad program. If it is something you’ve ever thought about doing, I say jump in with both feet and doing look back. You won’t regret it!

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