Graduation Party





This weekend we celebrated my graduation from the University of Kentucky in style! I have a huge fascination with the Roaring ’20s, so it was necessary to theme my party appropriately. Since there are not many opportunities to dress head to toe in sequins and pearls, I took the chance while I had it.

Weeks of planning and Pinterest went into this party, and it came out better than I could have ever planned. We had a pig roast, frozen margarita machine, selfie booth and two tents. I also had some fun with technology for the party; I built a website to go along with the invitations and had my friend design a Snapchat Geo-filter which was available through the party! The best part was that so many friends and family traveled from Florida, Georgia and New York to celebrate with me. I do not know when the next time I will see most of these people will be with my upcoming move, so it was nice to have some catch up time! What I do know is that all of these decorations are coming with me to my future NYC apartment to become full-time decorations because I love the way they all turned out.

(Photos: Anne and Buck Williams)










School of Style grad!

SOS Certificate Of Completion1

lauren bts

Photo: Jim Tincher 

This is a blog post that I have dreamed about writing for years now… I am officially a School of Style graduate!! About three months ago I enrolled in their first ever online Stylist Certification class, and have never loved school so much! This program taught me more than I could have ever learned through my styling jobs here in Lexington. I learned about everything from the who’s who of the fashion industry to how to correctly mail samples internationally and everything business and fashion in-between.

In my free time I am typically reading about fashion and business, so doing this with a firm purpose was just so motivating which is exactly what I needed during my last semester of college.

Now my plan is to finish up this semester at the University of Kentucky, Work my butt off this summer and save enough money to move in August. By then I will be ready to take as many intern styling jobs that come my way to start working my way up the ranks!

Wish me luck!

KRNL Spring 2016













This year I have been honored to hold the title of Key Stylist for the University of Kentucky’s student run fashion magazine, KRNL. We publish once in the Fall semester and once in Spring. This Spring issue is the last one I will style before graduating (!!!!) next month, so we had to do it big!

For this magazine there were three main photo shoots, eight clothing stores and 25 models to dress (including myself one day!). Although it got stressful at times trying to balance everything going on in my life, styling these photo shoots was like the eye of a hurricane. Even though I knew everything around me was totally crazy, I never felt so at peace.

The fashion industry can sometimes feel like it’s every woman for herself, but the KRNL Fashion team works as the bricks that work together to hold this magazine up.

To create this magazine we all spend countless hours together in our basement office, bouncing ideas off of each other and perfecting the layout.

Students sold advertisements, wrote articles, designed the magazine and even modeled. This and every KRNL issue has a piece of each of our hearts in it, and I hope that you will take the time to read it!

Read KRNL Spring 2016 HERE!

Bridal Fashion Show






laurenallenfashionblog1-21-16f(Christopher Michael Images pictures)

There are some things in life that you never see coming, and fly by before you can really take it all in. Last weekend I had the honor of producing 2 fashion shows during the Diamond Rings and Pretty Things bridal show.

Producing this fashion show pushed me in ways I had been hungry to experience, and threw curve balls that I did not expect. Some of the many moving parts involved in a fashion show like this one are getting vendors who want to show their dresses, locking down hair and makeup, and finding reliable models.

Luckily, I produced a similar show in August, so I had many of the vendor connections already. What was hardest part was finding models that were available Friday night, Saturday and Sunday, as well as having time to go to four different fittings. In the end, every model was nothing but amazing to work with and we all had a lot of fun together!

We had some bumps in the road along the way, but solving unexpected problems was all a part of the learning experience. The biggest struggle for me (and a great part at the same time) was hosting the whole show on Saturday, which prevented me from being behind the scenes with my hands in the rush of quick changes. Luckily they all lived without me, until Sunday when I was able to get back to rolling my sleeves up and diving into the work!

As much work as it was to prep for the weekend and make it through, I am sad that it is over, and that I will be in a different city before the next bridal show comes along.

Hopefully this was just the beginning of a full career of exciting opportunities like this!

New Year, New Work!

Fashion Portraits - Alyssa Alexander

Fashion Portraits - Alyssa Alexander

Fashion Portraits - Alyssa Alexander

Fashion Portraits - Alyssa AlexanderPhotographer: Michael McCrystal 

Model: Alyssa Alexander

Makeup: Image Insight

Styling: Lauren Allen

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking during my blogging break. After almost 800 blog posts, I think it is time to add a twist to Lauren Allen’s Fashion Blog.

For now, I will be posting photo shoots that I have styled, rather than my personal outfits! If you still want to see my outfits, they will be on my Instagram- @laurenallenfashionblog

To start off this new adventure, I am posting the photo shoot I started the year with.

On January 1st, my team bundled up and set out towards an old barn to try something different than any of us had done before! I loved the idea of shooting in a dirty, old, dusty building with the model in something totally opposite.

What made this photo shoot so easy was that our model is actually my size, so this wardrobe is right out of my closet. This red dress was my senior prom dress, and the vegan fur coat I got for next to nothing over a year ago. Typically I borrow clothes from local boutiques for photo shoots, but there was too much chance of ruining this outfit which is why I used my own clothes.

This photo shoot is the perfect example of, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life,” because there are not many people you could convince to work on Jan. 1st!

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