First day back to reality!

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School has officially started which means that it is time to transition from my meeting wardrobe to school wardrobe. Although those two do overlap a little, they are separate… at least in my mind. For my first day of classes I wore my new favorite Target jeans with a LOFT tunic and navy accessories. The weather in Lexington has been absolutely beautiful which made the first day of classes much more tolerable!

Finishing the Race.

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It’s that time of year again.This week I start my Senior year of college. Although I am doing everything in my power to pretend the semester isn’t going to start in just one day, I am also ready to power through it to get to the finish line.

As life’s little inside joke to me, I am spending the last two days before school starts on campus working. I can’t complain too much though because that work is on their fashion magazine! The semester hasn’t even started yet and I have already fallen in love with the job and the experiences it is giving me.

The best thing that a new school year brings is fresh new Fall fashion. For now I am still embracing summer colors by mixing and matching some very girly and bright pieces, but I am starting to mix in some Fall trends like this purse that I am in love with! Fringe is absolutely one trend that I will buy into!

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Wear White Party

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Recently I was invited to my first wear white party. If that was not exciting enough, it was actually a scene for a new movie that a friend of a friend is producing! Can you say “hello Lauren’s 5 minutes of fame!”??

While getting ready for this event, the inspiration in my head was a Gossip Girl style Hampton’s party. Of course I couldn’t just stick to the one color allowed, so I added pops of my two favorite summer colors, hot pink and teal. This was just enough to make a statement, but not too much that I would be going against the wishes of the movie director/party host.

My eShakti dress (which happens to be the only white dress I own) was perfect for the occasion. Also, my favorite part of the whole outfit was probably this amazing clutch!

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Summer colors!

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Navy and white is such a classic summer combination! I kept this outfits simple with a stripe tee and purse, and navy shorts. Golds brightened up the outfit, and a merlot hat for a pop of color. There are so many variations of this color combinations, it could take a whole summer to try them all!

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All Amerian!

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This 4th of July I decided to go for a classic All-American look for downtown Lexington’s festival and an evening with family and friends. To me, nothing screams American like vintage Levi’s and a tied shirt. For the holiday I added red Toms and a red bandeau, and hints of blue with a bracelet and purse.

This is definitely an outfit that I would switch up a bit to wear again on a regular day!

lauren allen fashion blog 7-6-15a

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