Shhh! Styling secret!!




Yesterday was my last day of freedom before the stress of college kicks in again and takes over my life, so my mom and I decided to go see If I Stay (tissues were important accessories of the day) and run a few errands. It was extremely hot outside, but I knew the movie theater air conditioning would be set to cool a refrigerator, so a maxi skirt seemed to be the best compromise. This skirt from Bluetique is actually the perfect length to wear with heels, but that seemed like too much wasted energy yesterday, so I rolled the waist-band of the skirt and belted it to hide the excess fabric. A basic tee from Wet Seal and fun necklace brought all of the colors together to make the perfect summertime outfit.

P.S. Did I mention that yesterday was also National Dog Day?? Of course my dogs had to make it onto today’s blog! :)

Casually shifting!





For the days that you feel more bloated then a puffer fish, a shift dress is your dream come true. Usually I wear this dress as a business/formal dress with pumps and possibly a blazer, but for church yesterday I wanted to be more casual. A cropped jean jacket and sandals nailed the look I was going for. Perfect for an afternoon of lounging with friends and family.

Romping into Fall!




Just when I thought I was done buying rompers because the summer is almost over and no one knows when this trend will end, I came across this backless romper with a Fall color pallet. It was on sale at Francesca’s, and I was weak. I didn’t stand a chance! But once I did finally spend a day wearing it there were no regrets because even though this outfit shows a bit more skin than I’m used to, the flowy, soft fabric was nice enough to sleep in. It also helped that the main plan for the day was styling a photo shoot! Now all I can think about is how to transition it into the Fall season!



Vintage wedding!!





A lot of the photo shoots I style are all about trends and local boutiques, but some times stepping outside of that box is all I need to keep the creative juices flowing. In July Anna Esposito Photography found this beautiful wedding dress at a local thrift store and we styled the rest of the photo shoot around it. Image Insight kept the makeup defined, but simple and Veronica Gentry gave Rupal big pinned curls and we laid a string of peals in her hair for an interesting detail.

What fun would it be if all of the looks were buttoned up and fully covered? That is when my job as a stylist becomes fun because who else can just go around telling people to take their shirts off? Derick’s high-waisted trousers and vest were perfect for the time period, but we switched things up a bit by switching out a shirt for a fedora.

Everyone helping out at the shoot was so much fun that the evening seemed more like a day with friends rather than working after hours. I can’t wait to work with these talented professionals again soon!


Fall 2014 Trends!!

Although most of us are trying to push through the hottest part of summer right now, Fall fashion is fast approaching and now is the time to start searching through your closets to see what you have and what to add to the shopping wish list that I know you already have! I have put together a list of the top 4 trends for Fall 2014. All of these can be mixed and matched, or for now paired with some current summer trends.



Fringe- (Black booties) This trend is found in everything from necklaces to dresses. My favorite version is in a pair of boots. It adds an extra detail to the outfit without adding another color or metal, which means that they will go with much more. Also try fringe at the bottom of an open cardigan for a new twist on a steady trend.




Slouch- (Jogger pants) There has never been a more comfortable season in fashion. It could be said that the slouchier the outfit, the more fashionable the person. Jogger pants have been around since spring, but they are now translating into fall with leather versions being paired with big t-shirts and over-sized sweaters. A summer version was on the blog here.



nature inspired-(camo jeans) This was a hard category to narrow down without just sounding like the basic fall looks. Camo is back this year and is probably stronger than ever. This year pair it with another print inspired by the world around us, like leopard print. Any shade of green or brown really will be the perfect fit for this Fall! Try this trend in a new way with a pair or shoes or a hat.



Sporty- (bomber jacket) Sports fans celebrate, all things sporty have found their way into fashion. You have probably seen sneakers in all shapes and sizes and either love them or hate them. My favorite new piece of sporty attire is the bomber jacket. There are styles of every type from varsity to floral with something for everyone. Wear these jackets casually with jeans or dressed up with a LBD.

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