Too hot for clothes!




There are some days during the summer that wearing a full shirt is just unthinkable. That is where crop tops and high-waisted shorts come in. I have actually been having trouble with this top because I couldn’t find anything other than high-waisted jean shorts to wear with it. Somehow these shorts landed next to this top while cleaning on day, and I decided to give the look a try. I really love how it turned out! Any time I can wear color on top and bottom, I’m happy. Remember to never be afraid to try something new, you never how it works until you try!


Sweat in style!




Yesterday, high fashion photo shoots… Today, work out clothes! Don’t get any ideas though, I am in no way telling you to wear yoga pants all the time! I post all the time about what I wear during the day for all of my eating, coffee drinking and sitting for hours, but what do I change into for the gym to stay (somewhat) in shape?

Just because I am sweating doesn’t mean that I don’t still care about what I look like. Typically my workout of choice is Zumba which means that I am looking in the mirror for an hour. If I don’t look somewhat decent in my outfit I don’t feel as good about myself. One of my favorite things recently has been tanks with an attached sports bra, my favorites are from Target. A cute water bottle is also necessary, I have been carrying my tervis (similar from Bed Bath & Beyond) EVERYWHERE with me recently! You don’t have to spend a lot of money to look good at the gym. It’s fun I promise!



7-21-14e7-21-14f7-21-14d7-21-14cRecently I have kind of been feeling like a terrible daily blogger because my blogs have been not-so-daily. Today I thought I would explain why! If you follow me on Instagram (which you totally should, @laurenallenfashionblog) you have seen what’s been going on. Throughout this summer I have actually been working my dream job and am happier than ever. Although a majority of my time is spent in front of my computer or working from my phone, more time than I could ever dream about is spent at photo shoots.

I have been able to style many photo shoots this summer, every one of them presenting a new challenge and newer opportunities. Most of the pictures are being kept secret because they will be published in a variety of places, but these pictures of Gracie Sapp by Jim Tincher have been published. The other pictures are behind the scenes from other recent photo shoots. As they come out I will definitely be sharing them on here!

And don’t worry, the outfit posts will not be stopping! I will hopefully just have more fashion pictures to add to the mix! :)


Summer Statement!




Sometimes all you need to make a summer statement is a flower headband! I wore this outfit to teach an all girls summer camp about what I do as a stylist and how to make mood boards. It was so much fun being able to mix my love of fashion with my love of teaching.

Since I had other errands and meetings that day I decided to go with simple but fun. A maxi dress was cool enough for the hot summer day, but also appropriate enough to stand in front of a young group of girls. This dress was the basic for the outfit, then I had some fun with accessories!

Thursay Night Live!!




Here in Lexington, every Thursday night the streets of downtown fill with thousands of people or every age. There is live music, good food and great street style! Not everyone tries, but a majority of people dress to impress. My goal was to have an outfit that would transition well from day to night. It has also been a bit chillier here, so having long sleeves on kept me comfortable. I must admit that I do not have any sort of formula to explain how I knew that these cotton shorts would go so well with this over sized high-low shirt, but that’s one of the best things about fashion, some times there’s just no explanation for why things work. Events like this are the perfect time to try out outfits that you have been thinking about but have had no place to wear them, no matter how fancy or casual!

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