Beginning my adventures in Italy!

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Hello from Florence Italy!! We have been here for about 4 days now, but we really did hit the ground running and haven’t stopped since. It has been such an incredible experience. I have seen everything from old churches to new couture shops. Unfortunately the first few days were unseasonably cold and rainy, so my outfits were combinations of things just with hopes to stay warm.

Yesterday was my 21st birthday and I spent the day with some on the amazing new friends that I have made on this trip! To see more of those pictures, head to my Instagram @laurenallenfashionblog ! We slept in, went to lunch, shopped, found a cute wine bar, had dinner and met even more friends later that night.

It was even nice enough to finally wear one of the cute outfits that I packed! Tea length skirts are perfect the cuteness factor, but I also don’t have to worry about the wind or anything that comes with the burden of wearing a short skirt!

I also bought this purse here! It is genuine Italian drool-worthy leather, just without the added cost of a name brand behind it! It hasn’t left my side since I bought it… This will be something that I carry for years to come!

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Traveling with jewelry!

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While I was packing for my trip to Italy I figured out a great way to pack my jewelry, so an hour before I left today I took apart my jewelry bag just to photograph the process for you all! Hopefully it will be helpful for you all too and not old news. Since buying this Vera Bradly bag, I have been using it for makeup, but after throwing it in the wash for the trip I decided to use it for jewelry. For the trip I packed simple tops to accessorize well which means lots of statement necklaces! In the bottom of the bag I started layering the necklaces and clasping them on the loops on the side. This should make it easy to pull out whatever necklace I want without dealing with a mess of chains!

I’m off to Italy now! Next time you see me I will be in paradise! :)

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Remembering Keeneland

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The day before my life was flipped upside down, I was able to be a VIP for the last day of Keeneland. There was a fancy tent, unlimited food and drinks (Diet Coke of course), and front row seats to the Concert on the Lawn featuring the band Sundy Best! It was so much fun to get dressed up and spend the day with great people. I may have even bought this amazing clutch just for this event… The rest of the outfit was an after thought, but ended up being perfect! A simple print dress and more pearls that the average 20 year old has ever seen before, made for the perfect classic Keeneland combination.

Packing for Italy!

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lauren allen fashion blog 5-18-15dThe week is finally here! I leave for my trip to Italy in a matter of days! My biggest worry with this trip was how to pack for a month while moving around from city to city. The update on how this mini wardrobe actually works will be up in a month, but for now I am pretty excited about what I’ve put together. This wardrobe rack may or may not have been sitting, full, in my room for over a week now!

The meat of my outfits will be tea length skirts and tee shirts. I have a black and a blush skirt, and 6 basic tees. I am also packing two other tops, a jean jacket, a sweater, 3 dresses, a jumpsuit, and 2 pairs of pants. For this trip I decided to not pack any blue jeans in attempt to stay classy and avoid looking too American! Accessories will be the excitement in my outfits with statement necklaces, a scarf, a hat and an amazing cross body bag.  We will also be spending a day at the beach, so a cute bathing suit is a necessity! I am packing a small variety of shoes to go between to avoid too much pain.

Now comes the time to roll everything up into one suitcase and a duffel bag!

Travel necessities- Leopard print flats, a sun hat, a cross body, basic tees, and a jean jacket.


Summer Nights!

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Summer time means warm weather, late sun sets and lots of time outside. This outfit is perfect for an evening out with friends when you want to dress up, but not look too overdone. A rule that I try to stick to is if you show a lot of skin in one area, cover up the rest! That is why this maxi skirt is perfect to go with a fitted crop top.

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