You all have no idea how happy I am to finally not have to put on a puffy coat, blanket scarf, hat and gloves before safely leave the house! This jacket is the perfect transition piece for when I am tired of putting on a real coat, but it’s still too cold to go without […]


You know that wonderful cold that has been going around? Yea, I’ve got it too. Apparently fashion trends aren’t the only trends I catch onto. This meant multiple days in pajamas, and the days that I got dressed took all of my energy. But I do plan to start blogging more consistently now that vacation […]

Fall 2014 Trends!!

Although most of us are trying to push through the hottest part of summer right now, Fall fashion is fast approaching and now is the time to start searching through your closets to see what you have and what to add to the shopping wish list that I know you already have! I have put […]

Spring is in the air!

Today was a little glimmer of hope that the winter might actually end and it will be possible to spend time outside in the sunshine again! For weeks now it has either been too cold or too dark to take blog pictures outside, but it was so nice this afternoon that I even convinced one […]

Playing with jewelry!

Today was a great day because I got to spend all day playing with jewelry! While hanging out at RnJ Accessories this afternoon I decided to change around the whole store. That is what I love about the owners of RnJ Accessories, they allow me to do whatever I want with the store while they […]

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