Shoe planning!

Chambray- H&M, similar Pants- LOFT Shoes- DSW, similar From a calendars prospective yesterday was filled with meetings and events, all requiring sitting down. That is what these shoes were made for, short spurts of walking and long amounts of sitting down. Somehow my day ended up being the exact opposite of that. But these shoes […]

How to look good falling.

Sometimes I can get grumpy when it comes to school, especially on Friday’s, but today I woke up telling myself to be positive because today was going to be a great day. Then I got to school. As I was walking up to the bus stop I gracefully slipped on a patch of black ice, […]

Bringing back the chambray!

Something that I have noticed recently is that when I get really excited about something I put together every possible outfit I can think of with it, and then just stop wearing it. That is what seemed to happen to me with chambray button downs, which is why I made myself wear a chambray top […]

Favorite Fall Pieces!

One question that I have heard a lot this year is “are tights still in this year?” To me that’s like asking if people will still be wearing coats during the winter! Tights are essential if you want to wear any type of skirt or dress during the Fall and Winter, just make sure they […]

Summer scarf!

What is one of the worst things that could happen to a blogger? The computer shutting itself off in the middle on writing the blog and then deciding not to work for a couple of days. That’s what happened to me while trying to write this blog last night. Tonight I had to switch over […]

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