Football fashion!

Like the good Gator fan I am, on Saturday I planned my whole outfit around what was supposed to be the first football game of the year. Then the game got canceled. That’s okay though because my orange dress stood out beautifully in a sea of Big Blue UK fans! Instead of going for a […]

Menswear Inspired!!

Recently I decided to take menswear inspired fashion to a new level. I ordered this cheetah print bowtie from RnJ Accessories a couple of weeks ago¬†and finally picked it up today! Since Image Insight spent the day at RnJ Accessories doing airbrush makeovers I planned my outfit around this bowtie and then picked it up […]

Nude problems.

Recently my favorite place to shop for work clothes has been my mom’s closet! (Perks of still living at home) This cheetah print top was a perfect print to mix with my red skirt and riding boots. To define my waist more I added a floral black belt. The one big issue I had with […]

Changing things up! (Day 334)

After I own something for a while I start getting bored of it, so that is when it’s time for a change. Today that change was for my combat boots. I didn’t do anything too dramatic, but I undid my laces for a looser look. A big trend for combat boots is to fold them […]

Rainy day fun! (Day 318)

Days like today I really miss warm, sunny Florida! I was woken up this morning by a hail storm, and then drove to school in a just above freezing thunderstorm. This weather makes it hard to find the motivation to put together a cute outfit, but fun rain boots and leg warmers made my day […]

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