Black Friday black list (day 204)

Mary Kate’s Take- This year for Black Friday, my mom, aunt, granny and cousins decided to go hardcore, so we shopped from 8 pm Thanksgiving night through 2:30 this afternoon. On this adventurous day, I witnessed numerous shopping no-no’s, which I feel should be explained. 1.) Dress comfortably! Shopping on Black Friday is a very […]

Fall days (day 190)

Mary Kate’s Take- Hey! Happy Friday! Every Friday I try to wear the cutest outfits I can think of, but this time my Bestie Rachel out did me! Her pairing of her royal blue skinnies, white v-neck, soft polka dotted scarf and blazer is absolutely perfect for a chilly fall day. And even better, as […]

Spirit week (day 183)

Mary Kate’s Take- It’s that time of year again. Fall is here, and with fall comes HOMECOMING WEEK! Costumes and laughs and memories galore. In order to be top notch for these fantastic theme days, one may think that spending tons of cash is inevitable, but in reality it just takes savvy shopping and a […]

Red pants Friday (day 176)

Here at Lauren Allen’s Fashion Blog we are starting to mix it up a bit, so we are starting a new segment every Friday called Mary Kate’s Take! I am very excited to introduce a guest blogger to get new opinions on fashion. So without further adieu Mary Kate’s take- Hi! First things first, I’m […]

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