Red pants Friday (day 176)

Here at Lauren Allen’s Fashion Blog we are starting to mix it up a bit, so we are starting a new segment every Friday called Mary Kate’s Take! I am very excited to introduce a guest blogger to get new opinions on fashion.
So without further adieu Mary Kate’s take-


Hi! First things first, I’m Mary Kate, 16 year old and journalist wannabe, as well as Lauren’s younger cousin. Now that we’ve gotten awkward introductions out of the way, here’s a little history lesson. Last year, a good friend of mine and her sister discovered a small, unknown band called Wellington, whom of which celebrated an unofficial holiday called “Red Pants Friday”. As our group fell in love with the band, we fell in love with this impromptu holiday, and began to celebrate it religiously. Since then the band has broken up, but our spirit goes strong. Red Pants for me represent much more than a SUPER cool fashion statement, but they represent friendship and memories. Thanks for bearing with my first mini column, and I can’t wait until next week.

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