All Amerian!

This 4th of July I decided to go for a classic All-American look for downtown Lexington’s festival and an evening with family and friends. To me, nothing screams American like vintage Levi’s and a tied shirt. For the holiday I added red Toms and a red bandeau, and hints of blue with a bracelet and […]


It is Independence Day weekend and to celebrate everyone in America is wearing a uniform of red, white and blue! For the 4th of July I decided to step away from classic flags and t-shirts and stick with the basics. While in Gainesville I picked up this white lace romper at TJ Maxx for just […]

Maturing outfits!

For my trip to Florida this past weekend I tried to pack a minimum number of pieces, so here is another outfit option with the same shirt as yesterday’s post. This is what I would consider a more mature look. My shorts are LOFT and are a bit longer than the cut offs from yesterday. […]

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