Fall colors!

Black, white and red… The perfect Fall color combination! Yesterday I had church in the morning and a work meeting at night with errands and studying in between, so this outfit had to cover a lot of areas. It was a traditional Fall day which called for multiple thin layers. These layers yesterday were a […]

The perfect shorts!

I am so excited to have finally found the perfect pair of white shorts! They are not see-through, to short, or to tight which is very hard to find. The only thing that I would possibly change about them is the extra long pockets that hang out of them, but I can work around that. […]

Simple and easy!

There are some days that I really want to look nice, but I don’t want to put in the time of effort to come up with a super creative outfit. That is when maxi dresses come in hand! They are a dressy enough for church, and with just a few simple accessories you have a complete […]

Relaxing Sunday!

After a relaxing couple of days at the beach Maria and I are back in Gainesville counting down the days until our trip to New York. This morning we got coffee and walked around a little shopping area where we stopped for a couple of minutes to take today’s blog pictures. I love this chevron […]

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