Simplicity rocks!

Sometimes the most simple looks are the most chic. It is when a simple jeans and tee outfit turns into a high fashion look with just some accessories and confidence that you can really prove to people that you know what you are doing. Right now I am loving these green jeans in white here […]

The hippy cardigan!

Despite the extremely low quality of these pictures, I am blogging about them anyways because I am so excited about this outfit. My shopping list for Chicago began with the perfect kimono with pretty colors and a hippy pattern for less than than $30. This forever 21 kimono was exactly what I wanted! Of course […]

Forever 21 ad!

Do you ever have one of those days where you look down at your outfit and realize that everything you are wearing came from one place? No? Oh, okay it’s just me then. After putting this outfit on yesterday I realized that everything I am wearing (minus the bracelets) came from Forever 21. Some times […]


SNOW DAY! Today was the first day that the University of Kentucky made the wise decision to cancel all classes for the day. This meant I got to spend the day with my mom and sister watching a Twilight marathon, cleaning the house and working on some homework. What was not on the list of […]

Shopping addiction.

Even though I shouldn’t have been shopping for myself right before Christmas, but I am glad that I bought these booties! $20 for a nice pair of boots? Yes please! Normally Forever 21 is not a place where I would go shoe shopping, but other bloggers have raved about then so I thought I would […]

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