SNOW DAY! Today was the first day that the University of Kentucky made the wise decision to cancel all classes for the day. This meant I got to spend the day with my mom and sister watching a Twilight marathon, cleaning the house and working on some homework. What was not on the list of things to do was to get dressed. This outfit was photographed last week, and I am excited to blog about it!

I got this lion sweater with spiked shoulders from the plus sized Forever 21 section to make it long enough to wear with leggings. Since there was black and white in this sweater it was the perfect piece to mix with my black patternedĀ and white leggings. One of the only problems with this fun lounge outfit was that spikes and tote bags don’t really go together very well. Besides that little issue, this outfit is perfect for looking great during a long day of classes.


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