Dressing for work!

Since I have started working at Ann Taylor Loft I have had a hard time deciding how dressy I need to be for work. When lifeguarding the uniform was simple and easy, but for some reason having a job that requires me to look nice makes me nervous. As much as I love looking nice, […]

Screaming to the Gators!

It’s Friday AND the UF plays UK tomorrow here in Lexington! To get into the spirit I wore orange a blue today. This is not the exact shades of orange and blue, but it is my way of screaming “GO GATORS” without actually screaming “GO GATORS”. To me, a cotton dress like this is on […]

Loft Love!

I don’t know about you, but my weekend was nonstop and crazy. It is now Sunday at 10 pm and I just realized that I have an essay due in 12 hours! The lack of sleep that I got this weekend was worth it because of all the exciting things that I got to do. Two fashion […]

Breaking the Rules!

What was yesterday? Labor day. Am I wearing white today? Heck yes! If you still follow the no white after labor day rule you are missing out on so many outfit options in Fall and Winter. Even though summer is technically over, there is still probably a couple more weeks of heat, so for now I am […]

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