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I don’t know about you, but my weekend was nonstop and crazy. It is now Sunday at 10 pm and I just realized that I have an essay due in 12 hours! The lack of sleep that I got this weekend was worth it because of all the exciting things that I got to do. Two fashion shows, a shop the runway (which requires a whole post all to itself), and my first day at my new job just to list the main events of the weekend.

Did you catch that? Yes, I started a new job today!! I am now a sales associate at Loft (a branch of Ann Taylor). What I am most excited about is that I will finally be able to work with clothes and help women find clothes that makes them feel great about themselves. Today was a little stressful because I had to learn how to use the register, fix up the store, put things away, and help in the dressing room. It was fun to work for the first time, just a lot to take in.

For my first day I wore leggings, a teal high/low top, riding boots, and a red/orange statement necklace. I felt comfortable for standing on my feet all day, but still fashionable and appropriate for where I was all day. Have you shopped at the Loft before? Do you love it as much as I do??

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