Summer Statement!

Sometimes all you need to make a summer statement is a flower headband! I wore this outfit to teach an all girls summer camp about what I do as a stylist and how to make mood boards. It was so much fun being able to mix my love of fashion with my love of teaching. […]

Mixing fashion and manual labor!

Another work day is here and today requires seamlessly mixing customer service, fashion and manual labor. What I love about maxi dresses, specifically this one (and this one similar to it), is that they are stretchy, cozy and there is very little worry of flashing everyone around you! To cover my arms for the work […]

Maxi love!

There are multiple things that I love about this dress, some things that apply to dresses in general, and some that are more specific to this dress. Like most summer dresses, it is easy to throw on with some accessories and it becomes a nice outfit. My favorite thing about this maxi is the back […]

Simple and easy!

There are some days that I really want to look nice, but I don’t want to put in the time of effort to come up with a super creative outfit. That is when maxi dresses come in hand! They are a dressy enough for church, and with just a few simple accessories you have a complete […]

Downtown Dinner!

This week has been pretty laid back for me with the only thing on the agenda being lifeguarding and studying for my online class. Unfortunately none of that requires getting out of running shorts and t-shirts. I can literally feel myself going crazy if I spend to much time in running shorts, so last night I dragged my friend […]

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