Plaid and basics!

Fall fashion is all about the basics and the plaids. Basics I’ve got down pat, but plaid is still new to me since moving to Kentucky. If you’ve ever been to of lived in Florida you know that “Fall fashion” isn’t really practical ever. Recently Bluetique posted a picture of their new scarves on Instagram […]

White After Labor Day!

I am very excited that I finally bought a pair of white jeans this summer so that I can continue to break the No White After Labor Day rule all Fall and Winter! They were the first things I thought to wear to accentuate my new leather riding boots from DSW. There is nothing better […]

Showing the good and the bad!

This outfit was one that sounded better in my head than it looked in real life. Teal jeans with a teal, black and white plaid top, and a black and white sweater over top seems like a combination made in heaven, but I was not┬áhead over heels for this look. I did not dislike it […]

Comfort zone jumping!

Since moving to Kentucky I have purchased two plaid shirts and a camo jacket… What has happened to me?? One thing that I love about writing this blog is that it pushes me to constantly jump out of my comfort zone. If I always stuck to the same style I would run out of inspiration […]

Wearing plaid??

Yes, I am wearing plaid for today’s blog because it’s my blog and I’ll wear what I want to! Most people have casual Friday, but my casual┬áday always falls on Mondays because they are my longest days, and well… it’s Monday. This Old Navy shirt is so comfortable, and with leggings? Heaven! To dress up […]

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