You all have no idea how happy I am to finally not have to put on a puffy coat, blanket scarf, hat and gloves before safely leave the house! This jacket is the perfect transition piece for when I am tired of putting on a real coat, but it’s still too cold to go without […]

Match made in Heaven!

If I could get like 5 more of these tunics in every length and color, that would be great! Unfortunately it was a random Marshals find, so the hunt is still on for similar ones. This weekend I styled it with my Sorjet jacket for a bit of an edgier look.I loved that the jacket […]


You know that wonderful cold that has been going around? Yea, I’ve got it too. Apparently fashion trends aren’t the only trends I catch onto. This meant multiple days in pajamas, and the days that I got dressed took all of my energy. But I do plan to start blogging more consistently now that vacation […]

Styling practice!

What does someone who just took a personal styling class do? Style someone and spend their money, duh! The day after going to my School of Style class my family met up with my mom’s best friend and her family and the boys went sightseeing while the girls went shopping. I had an awesome time […]

What I’ve been waiting for!

The event that I have been waiting my whole spring break for finally arrived today! This event would be the opening reception fashion show for the Stitch Art exhibit at the Headley-Whitney Museum. Image Insight made up some of the beautiful models for this show, and I was there as a stylist/general helper. I just […]

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