Casual Friday!

This first week of school (well, three days) has worn me out! As busy as I was over the break, I never had to wake up before 7, and this 6am alarm clock has just about killed me recently! Since I was so tired this morning, a big grandpa sweater and long sleeved tee was […]

Casual Monday: Finals Edition!

Welcome to another casual Monday! Today is finals week edition, and it was very hard to not push casual Monday into yoga pants and hoodie day. Instead I went with the least fussy pieces I could find, black pants, a white tee, and a slouchy mint cardigan. A mint statement necklace added some shine to the […]

Casual Monday! (Day 332)

After spending all yesterday running around town in heals I decided that today was going to be a casual day. For my usual day of errands, studying, and class I needed easy going style with a side of comfort. Jeans and combat boots were an easy go-to start for the outfit. I was very excited to […]

Loven’ the lace (day 165)

A majority of the time I pick out my outfits as I am getting dressed. I usually feel more creative as I am getting ready for the day because I will be going through plans in my head and looking at the weather for the day. A lot of times, especially on trips, I do […]

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