Loven’ the lace (day 165)

A majority of the time I pick out my outfits as I am getting dressed. I usually feel more creative as I am getting ready for the day because I will be going through plans in my head and looking at the weather for the day. A lot of times, especially on trips, I do not feel like wearing something that I picked out ahead of time. That weighed on my mind as I was getting ready to stay at someone’s house for a week to take care of their animals. It is very hard to pick out 6 different, fun, and appropriate outfits but I did it and am very happy with myself!
One big issue was that Florida’s weather has been so confusing lately. That is where outfits like today’s come into play. I was very happy to find this already picked out outfit in my suit case this morning. This sweater is perfect for the chilly morning and cool classrooms but also moves well into warm afternoons with my bright yellow shorts. I was so excited when I found this sweater because I just think it is so cool. The beautiful lace covering it is very interesting and a majority of the sweater is lined for warmth and ease of not having to find a tank top. Lacey see through sleeves will be a very elegant trend this season, I would love to have a dress like this so that is the next thing on my shopping list!

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