Exciting Opportunities!

I have some very exciting news to share!! Through my digital art minor I have been given the opportunity to study abroad this summer! I will be in Italy from May 20- June20. While there I will be taking photography and a social media content creation class. Could anything be more perfect?! This is not […]

Wedding Wednesday!

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to model for Divine on Broadway‘s fashion show! Captive Memories Photography took some amazing pictures before the show, and I just had to share some of them (more HERE). I am one of the those girls that has had her wedding planned since elementary school, so getting […]

Keeneland Fashion!

My favorite part about living in Lexington is Probably the two months a year that Keeneland is opened! Everyone puts on their nicest outfits and heads to the race track for a fun day of betting on horse races and people watching. There is no dress code, so you do see a little bit of […]

Playing dress up!

On Friday I changed my sister’s plans up a bit, and surprised her and her friend with a trip to the mall for my favorite pastime at their age- Trying on prom dresses that I wouldn’t be able to wear for a few years! (side note, this is still one of my favorite pastimes…) Kate […]

KRNL Fashion Launch!

Last night I attended the KRNL Fashion magazine launch party! Although I was not involved in this issue (like I was in the last issue), I was so happy to support them and be there with the Lexington Fashion Collaborative which works very closely with KRNL. Also, it was cocktail attire, and we all know […]

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