Old Friends and New Memories!

In honor of my birthday being this weekend, a group of friends and I got together and went out dancing last night! I am so happy to be back in Gainesville for a little while to catch up with people, especially these beautiful ladies standing with me in these pictures! What I want to show […]


If I have learned anything since high school it is to take the opportunities presented to you. Saying yes has given me so many opportunities that saying no would only leave me dreaming about. The only regrets I have ever had are from saying no. (And I am strictly speaking of work and school opportunities!) […]

Simple statement!

I finally had something to get dressed for besides work, school and church! Last night I went to my friend’s mom’s business’s banquet. Although I was not receiving any awards or prizes, I had a great time dancing with friends and meeting new people. Not knowing how much to dress up for this party, I […]

Stolen from a Flapper!

Just in case there is still someone out there that does not know about my obsession with the 20s, here is my outfit from the MOUR launch party tonight. I love any excuse to dress up, so after talking to my editor I decided that cocktail party would be correct attire. As much as I […]

Keeneland times!

The horse races at KeenelandĀ  are back for October, and I can not wait to hang out there with friends and family! I made plans to go on Sunday, but it ended up raining all day so I got dressed up, met with friends, realized that it wouldn’t stop raining, and then ended up going […]

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