Graduation Party

This weekend we celebrated my graduation from the University of Kentucky in style! I have a huge fascination with the Roaring ’20s, so it was necessary to theme my party appropriately. Since there are not many opportunities to dress head to toe in sequins and pearls, I took the chance while I had it. Weeks […]

Dior & I

Bob McKinley Photography Anna Esposito Photography Just in case you were under the impression that Kentucky doesn’t know about fashion, you are wrong! Recently I attended (as a board member of the Lexington Fashion Collaborative) the Kentucky premiere of Dior & I, which you can find on iTunes, along with a red carpet and awards […]

Remembering Keeneland

The day before my life was flipped upside down, I was able to be a VIP for the last day of Keeneland. There was a fancy tent, unlimited food and drinks (Diet Coke of course), and front row seats to the Concert on the Lawn featuring the band Sundy Best! It was so much fun […]

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