Summer Nights!

Summer time means warm weather, late sun sets and lots of time outside. This outfit is perfect for an evening out with friends when you want to dress up, but not look too overdone. A rule that I try to stick to is if you show a lot of skin in one area, cover up […]

Circle Skirt!

Yesterday I talked about my mental list of things to slowly add to my closet… Apparently I was successful at crossing things off of that list in the last few weeks because this circle skirt was also on there! This is the perfect example of why to keep a list of pieces to purchase, I […]

Plaid and basics!

Fall fashion is all about the basics and the plaids. Basics I’ve got down pat, but plaid is still new to me since moving to Kentucky. If you’ve ever been to of lived in Florida you know that “Fall fashion” isn’t really practical ever. Recently Bluetique posted a picture of their new scarves on Instagram […]

Shhh! Styling secret!!

Yesterday was my last day of freedom before the stress of college kicks in again and takes over my life, so my mom and I decided to go see If I Stay (tissues were important accessories of the day) and run a few errands. It was extremely hot outside, but I knew the movie theater […]

Summer trend!

If you follow as many boutiques and fashion bloggers on social media as I do, you have definitely seen fun patterned skirts like this a lot recently. While I was in Bluetique a few weeks ago before getting sick this skirt called to me and I just had to get it! Will so many beautiful […]

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