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Yesterday was my last day of freedom before the stress of college kicks in again and takes over my life, so my mom and I decided to go see If I Stay (tissues were important accessories of the day) and run a few errands. It was extremely hot outside, but I knew the movie theater air conditioning would be set to cool a refrigerator, so a maxi skirt seemed to be the best compromise. This skirt from Bluetique is actually the perfect length to wear with heels, but that seemed like too much wasted energy yesterday, so I rolled the waist-band of the skirt and belted it to hide the excess fabric. A basic tee from Wet Seal and fun necklace brought all of the colors together to make the perfect summertime outfit.

P.S. Did I mention that yesterday was also National Dog Day?? Of course my dogs had to make it onto today’s blog! 🙂

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