Better than leggings??

Harem-like pants beat out leggings in my book! While wearing them you don’t have to worry about your shirt being long enough to cover your relatively exposed crotch and butt because the pants are lose everywhere except the elastic waistband showing off your waistline. I loved my camel and black and white pairs so much […]

Rock Style!

This outfit was a little casual for everything I did today, but it has been suck in my head for a while now, so since we finally hit above freezing today was the perfect day. Along with a day full of classes I went to Ash Wednesday mass with a friend (the ashes totally came […]

Print and color!

Yesterday I decided to be brave and wear heels to work. Surprisingly, by the end of my¬†four hour shift my feel did not hurt any worse that they do while wearing flats! This Bluetique top is one of my favorite that I barely ever get to wear, but because I was inside for the shift […]

Where is your statement?

Sometimes a simple and not very exciting outfit can be jazzed up with accessories! The top of this outfit is very classic with a plaid button down and v-neck sweater, and then black jeans and combat boots add a little more edge to the look. Since I had a lot going on with the bracelets, […]

Shopping addiction.

Even though I shouldn’t have been shopping for myself right before Christmas, but I am glad that I bought these booties! $20 for a nice pair of boots? Yes please! Normally Forever 21 is not a place where I would go shoe shopping, but other bloggers have raved about then so I thought I would […]

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