Where is your statement?




Sometimes a simple and not very exciting outfit can be jazzed up with accessories! The top of this outfit is very classic with a plaid button down and v-neck sweater, and then black jeans and combat boots add a little more edge to the look. Since I had a lot going on with the bracelets, I kept the necklace simple with just a key pendant chain necklace. This key is actually from my favorite band’s, We The Kings, hometown concert last year right before I moved. It was originally on a leather string, but it was too short, so I switched pendants on this chain to make it long enough to work with this sweater. The real statements in this outfit were the bracelets. My zebra bracelet from Bluetique pulled out the black and white in the button down, and the light pink bracelet from Charming Charlies looked beautiful with the pink in the plaid. The rhinestones in each of the bracelets is what helped them work together so well. How do you like to make a statement?


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