Standing Out

So many people, myself included at times, put a lot of effort in blending in. We wear all black, skinny jeans because flairs are out of style and we save fur coats for special occasions. But what if every once in a while we chose the unconventional, the piece that makes people on the street […]

My Color Pallet

It’s honesty hour friends… if you spot me on the streets on an average day, I will be wearing a white tee and/or these mules. You wouldn’t think it would be possible to come up with a lifetime of outfits with these pieces, but I promise you it is. Every day when I get dressed […]

Shoe Excitment!

I wouldn’t consider myself a “shoe person” exactly, but I would say there is no joy like wearing a brand new pair of shoes, especially ones that are perfect without even breaking them in! These Francesca’s motorcycle booties were my one and only Cyber Monday purchase, and I am head over heels in love with […]


Recently I have been really loving the transition from Summer into Fall that Kentucky has been going through. The summer here wasn’t unbearably hot, so I appreciate the  warmth still, but I also like being able to play with layering for the cool mornings and evening. I am typically the last person you would catch […]

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