As much as I like to fight it, I am clumped in with the millions of Americans with crazy mood swings right now. For most of my  five weeks here in North Carolina I have felt separated from the chaos, as the town that I am in has been spared of any Corona cases. Being […]

The Uncertain Future.

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about how the Corona Virus that has overwhelmed China was impacting the bridal gown industry. I was so busy at work that I never got a chance to get it published. We were so focused on making sure that gowns were not getting delayed overseas to impact […]

Cheers to 3 Years!

This month marks THREE years of living in NYC for me. In some ways this was the most “normal” year since moving here, with a regular schedule and no life-threatening sicknesses. But in so many other ways this has been the biggest milestone year of my entire life. I wrote and self-published a freaking BOOK!! […]

25 and Feeling Fine!

Thinking about turning 25 today has made my head spin with countless emotions. I could not be happier about where my life is heading right now, but over the last few years this day has put my life into a tail spin. If you’ve read my book, you’ll know that turning 23 changed everything for […]

What’s Next?

So I self-published a book. What’s next? I spent over a year hiding this project from social media, but talking my friends’ ears off about the book. It felt like a shock to us all when the book was actually available for purchase! The amount of hoops that stand between writing content and having a […]

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