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It’s honesty hour friends… if you spot me on the streets on an average day, I will be wearing a white tee and/or these mules. You wouldn’t think it would be possible to come up with a lifetime of outfits with these pieces, but I promise you it is. Every day when I get dressed my biggest goal is to avoid putting a white tee with whatever outfit ends up being worn. Usually this is a goal that I do not reach.

The days that I do stretch out of that comfort zone usually ends up getting photographed for the blog or Instagram, but today I thought I’d get even more realistic with you.




Also, this hair color has really created a fun color pallet for me that I never expected. Purple and green now surround my life and I am not mad about it! When we were taking outfit pictures, we came across this cute farmers market outside of Rockefeller Center and the amount of beautiful purple and green fruits around was mind blowing.

Am I just now noticing this color combo because of my hair? Probably. Am I still excited about it? Yes!





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