Standing Out

So many people, myself included at times, put a lot of effort in blending in. We wear all black, skinny jeans because flairs are out of style and we save fur coats for special occasions. But what if every once in a while we chose the unconventional, the piece that makes people on the street […]

Moving up in the world!

Another day, another work outfit! This time instead of dressing in the car after babysitting in the morning I carried my clothes onto campus and changed in a bathroom stall. I’m really moving up in the world guys! For this outfit I raided my mom’s closet for a Fall and work appropriate dress. A black […]

Fall colors!

Black, white and red… The perfect Fall color combination! Yesterday I had church in the morning and a work meeting at night with errands and studying in between, so this outfit had to cover a lot of areas. It was a traditional Fall day which called for multiple thin layers. These layers yesterday were a […]

New comfort zones!

Let me just start with that I am so sorry to anyone who tried to get onto over the last couple of days and weren’t able to! My website decided that it was a good time to go crazy, and I just figured out how to fix it. Even thought I wasn’t able to […]

Wanna be rock star!(Day 335)

I am getting very tired of jeans, so today I decided that no matter what I was not going to wear jeans. Since it is still relatively cold here, the only replacement for jeans is leggings so that’s what I did! This grey cheetah print tank with combat boots feels very rocker which is great, but I don’t […]

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