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Let me just start with that I am so sorry to anyone who tried to get onto laurenallen.com over the last couple of days and weren’t able to! My website decided that it was a good time to go crazy, and I just figured out how to fix it. Even thought I wasn’t able to blog I did back stock blog pictures! This was one of those outfits that started as a simple shorts and tee and then slowly developed. I had no idea how I was going to accessorize this until I actually started styling it. Pearls were an obvious option because well, they always are an option, and they emphasize the pearl embellishments on the shorts. Later came the colorful headband, pink lips and combat boots. I have always wanted to try pairing shorts and boots but for some reason it seemed to out of the box for me. My mom was actually the one that suggested wearing the boots with this outfit and I’m so glad because I totally loved this outfit. One of the best things about fashion is stepping out of your comfort zone, so make an effort to do that every once in a while! Most of the time you will be thrilled, and if you are not then it is easy to take it off and try something else.



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  1. You really ROCK this look, awesome!!!!!

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