My Color Pallet

It’s honesty hour friends… if you spot me on the streets on an average day, I will be wearing a white tee and/or these mules. You wouldn’t think it would be possible to come up with a lifetime of outfits with these pieces, but I promise you it is. Every day when I get dressed […]

Wear White Party

Recently I was invited to my first wear white party. If that was not exciting enough, it was actually a scene for a new movie that a friend of a friend is producing! Can you say “hello Lauren’s 5 minutes of fame!”?? While getting ready for this event, the inspiration in my head was a […]

Twirling like a 5 year old!

Just in case I wasn’t girly enough, just give me a circle skirt and watch me turn into a 5 year old girl giggling while spinning around watching my skirt twirl! eShakti gave me this dress (similar) about two years ago, and I am pretty sure it will be my Easter dress for years to […]

All about the shoes.

What is it about purchasing a pair of red pumps that makes me feel like an adult now? I was at DSW (shocker) a few weeks ago armed with 30% off clearance, a $20 rewards card, and a $5 coupon. This made these stunning BCBG pumps $10! Yes, I am more proud of that than […]

White After Labor Day!

I am very excited that I finally bought a pair of white jeans this summer so that I can continue to break the No White After Labor Day rule all Fall and Winter! They were the first things I thought to wear to accentuate my new leather riding boots from DSW. There is nothing better […]

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