The baseball cap is back!

I have brought back thee baseball cap! Well, back to the blog that is. This J. Crew baseball cap is a staple on my off days from blog pictures. It helps me be casual and comfortable, but still pretty pulled together. I almost didn’t photograph this outfit, but I loved the necklace and boots combo […]

I can’t choose!

As much as I love my Hunter rain boots and London Fog trench, I am tired of having to wear them every other day! They limit my outfit choices and aren’t allowing to fully embrace the Spring. That being said, I do like this outfit. Anything with fun colors and pattern mixing makes me happy! […]

Fight the cloud!

After the last big snow we had I wore my $15 rain boots to class and by the time that I got there my feet were numb. That day I went home, went on the Hunter website and bought myself a good pair of wellies and a pair of boot socks. The only reason that […]

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