Refreshed and Refocused

When I moved to New York I was told that the city quiets down in the summer. In my mind that was insane. It’s the city that never sleeps! Turns out, it does rest when the temperatue rises and no one has central air conditioning. If there’s a good time for me to fly home […]

What do I Regret?

A few days ago I was on the phone with my mom (nothing new about that), and she asked if I regretted some of the decisions I had made since moving here.¬†My parents¬†are my biggest cheerleaders so this was not her telling me that I had done something wrong. The questions came from a place […]

Casual Monday!

Casual Fridays are SO overrated, casual Mondays are where it’s at! On Fridays I usually have plans or am just excited for the weekend, but Mondays are filled with alarm clocks, classes and homework with the storm cloud of the rest of the week hanging over my head. Although this does sound like the perfect […]

Leather and Llamas!

Yesterday, a classic wrap dress. Today, leather pants and a llama sweater. Examples like this are the reason why the question “What is your personal style?” is harder to answer than any SAT question. I wouldn’t have it any other way though! Playing with fashion is one of the best parts of my job. How […]

The baseball cap is back!

I have brought back thee baseball cap! Well, back to the blog that is. This J. Crew baseball cap is a staple on my off days from blog pictures. It helps me be casual and comfortable, but still pretty pulled together. I almost didn’t photograph this outfit, but I loved the necklace and boots combo […]

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