Remembering Keeneland

The day before my life was flipped upside down, I was able to be a VIP for the last day of Keeneland. There was a fancy tent, unlimited food and drinks (Diet Coke of course), and front row seats to the Concert on the Lawn featuring the band Sundy Best! It was so much fun […]

Keeneland Fashion!

My favorite part about living in Lexington is Probably the two months a year that Keeneland is opened! Everyone puts on their nicest outfits and heads to the race track for a fun day of betting on horse races and people watching. There is no dress code, so you do see a little bit of […]

I’d bet on it!

The month of October is one of the most exciting months here in Lexington. Not only is there Halloween (which people do get very excited about around here) but it is also Keeneland month! Keeneland is a horse racecourse and is only officially opened two months a year. Although I am not the biggest horse […]

Keeneland! (Day 350)

Today I had another chance to go back to Keeneland to watch the horse races, and I had so much fun! The temperature dropped  about 30 degrees from yesterday which I was not ready for when I showed up at the races today. I wore a jacket thinking that it would be enough, but I was very […]

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