What do I Regret?

A few days ago I was on the phone with my mom (nothing new about that), and she asked if I regretted some of the decisions I had made since moving here. My parents are my biggest cheerleaders so this was not her telling me that I had done something wrong. The questions came from a place […]

Sometimes I’m a Mess

Sometimes my life is a mess. Most of the time my hair is the mess. My room is ALWAYS a mess. If you have ever looked at a perfect Instagram picture or blog post, know that there was so much more behind the post than what meets the eye. Each image has at least 300 bloopers left […]

Cool shopping!

Today was our first full day in New York! Although we are not missing the Florida humidity we are missing all of the Florida air conditioning. We were glad that we decided to wear shorts today because anything else would have had us melting under the sun. But on the bright side, almost all stores […]

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