Sometimes I’m a Mess

Sometimes my life is a mess. Most of the time my hair is the mess. My room is ALWAYS a mess.

If you have ever looked at a perfect Instagram picture or blog post, know that there was so much more behind the post than what meets the eye. Each image has at least 300 bloopers left on the camera roll and 1500 edits of the content. If you don’t know this struggle, know that it is silly and ridiculous, but for those of us that go through the effort it’s a challenge that we crave. 

You all may see cute outfits on here, but what you don’t see is the 6 times I changed and left all of the unworn clothes on the floor of my room. The thing about that is, the mess is just a step along the way to my goals. It is all a part of the job that I love. There is nothing more fun to me than tearing apart my room just to get the best look. 

I am the first to tell you that I am far from perfect! I make mistakes every day, but I try to always put my best self forward here and on social media. There’s no point in dwelling on the negative or putting those memories out in the world to live on forever. My life may have it’s ups and downs, I’m just a fan of only reminiscing on the mountains and jumping over the valleys. 

Sometimes I am a mess, but there is nothing I can’t get past, over and around, and don’t let any perfect picture fool you into thinking otherwise. 


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One thought on “Sometimes I’m a Mess

  1. You are beautifully put together in this blog and show amazing insight. It is fun to read the story behind the scenes and has to hit home with others on a journey to their goals. Love you girl!

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