Successful Snow Day

One of my biggest worries about moving to New York over Los Angeles was the winter. I grew up in Florida and didn’t experience real life winter problems until four years ago after moving to Kentucky. What I learned from that is that snow storms are only magical in the movies. Luckily for me, this […]

Enjoying my favorite city!

Another day in my favorite city has come and gone. Yesterday was my day of big planned events (check out yesterday’s blog here if you missed it), so today I just spent some time walking around and shopping. There were some pop-up shops happening outside the Lincoln Center which was fun to check out, and […]

I love NY!

Have you ever arrived somewhere and felt a total sense of serenity? That is how I feel every time I touch down in New York City. Whenever I visit I fall in love with this city more and more, and I just feel like I belong here. Today was nothing fabulous, but I did enjoy […]

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