Why am I so happy?

Just recently I went on a date with a man. As we were getting to know each other, obviously the topic of where we are from came up because even though this city has millions of people, not many of them are actually from here.

When this Midwestern man found out that I grew up in the South he exclaimed that the reason I am so happy and bubbly is because of where I am from.

This particular man also sports a smile a majority of the time and seems to thoroughly enjoy life. He claims that the reason for the way he acts is also because of where he was raised.

After talking for a while longer I came to realize exactly why we are both all around happy people. We are both value having God in our lives.

Why I bring this up is because all I want everyday is to be a good Christian and I truly believe that this date of mine saw that in me because he himself is a man of God.

I am not a positive person because everything in my life works out exactly as I planned. Honestly, nothing I plan ever works out perfectly. Sometimes this even makes me furious since whatever the plan was, it was obviously amazing and nothing could possibly make me happier… Until God’s plan falls into place and whatever I had planned originally does not even come close to the greatness that I received and never truly deserved.

Many people may think that being a fashion stylist is not a Godly career because I may not be feeding the homeless everyday or preaching the Bible. It’s true that I do spend my days running from showroom to showroom carrying clothes around rather than teaching underprivileged children how to read. I have total respect for the people that do all of those wonderful things, but I also think that I can make a difference in the world by simply allowing God to work through me everyday. My joy comes from knowing that with Him, nothing can break me. If I can share that joy with at least one person then I have fulfilled my purpose.

After learning that my date was looking for a new church because he hadn’t quite found a place to call home, I recommended my home church, Hillsong. He went that next Sunday without any reminder from me and seemed to enjoy it from what he shared with me after. I have grown to love this church so much since moving to this city that just being able to share it with one person makes me incredibly happy.

With God all things are possible. Without him I would be lost in this city of distractions and temptations. There are times that I do feel myself slipping, but what always brings me back is remembering the true reason I am here. Owning a successful fashion styling business is the goal on the surface, but the real reason to continue is to reach as many people as possible along the way.

What I can do is give every person I come in contact with a genuine smile and hope to make him or her feel as important as possible. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of eye contact and some listening skills to turn someone’s day around.

I will not always be happy, but I will find happiness in every situation because hanging onto the bad keeps you in the box whereas finding the bright side allows you to adjust your eyes and become a better person in the end.

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4 thoughts on “Why am I so happy?

  1. I’m crying. Does that surprise you? I am so so proud of you. Keep shining that beautiful light of yours. God has great plans for you. Love you! Mom

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