City Style

New York City has a way of pushing the most colorfully attired people into a black hole. Not a black hole emotionally, but stylishly. Before moving here, I would attempt to be “cool” and wear all black outfits, failing every time because that just wasn’t my style. Since arriving in the Big Apple I have […]

Simplicity rocks!

Sometimes the most simple looks are the most chic. It is when a simple jeans and tee outfit turns into a high fashion look with just some accessories and confidence that you can really prove to people that you know what you are doing. Right now I am loving these green jeans in white here […]

Rock Style!

This outfit was a little casual for everything I did today, but it has been suck in my head for a while now, so since we finally hit above freezing today was the perfect day. Along with a day full of classes I went to Ash Wednesday mass with a friend (the ashes totally came […]

Stuck in the wrong state!

Let me just start with, GO GATORS! I know that this is a fashion blog, not Sports Center, BUT living in Kentucky, nothing makes me happier than the Gators beating the Wildcats in a nail-biting basket ball game! 🙂 Since I worked yesterday, I couldn’t really go all-out gator fan, so instead I went work-appropriate […]

Vest weather!

After a week of crazy weather and drama, I needed a nice day like today! I was in the mid 40’s (a heat wave for those of you not in Florida) all day with beautiful blue skies. The wonderful weather was the perfect excuse to wear my new vest from Red Dress Boutique without having […]

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