Stay Chic!

Although I do love a good statement outfit with pattern mixing and bright colors, sometimes the chicest outfits are the simplest. This outfit is really just basics: back jeans, a white tee, a leather jacket, and booties. What transforms it from a casual look to a chic ensemble is the styling. A quarter tuck shows […]

I belong here.

I had an amazingly overwhelming day last Friday that I am still wrapping my head around. In passing I have recently mentioned a new business that I am part of. Swept Away Proposals and Events is an proposal and themed party planning company. I am one of four owners of this baby that is pushing […]

Match made in Heaven!

If I could get like 5 more of these tunics in every length and color, that would be great! Unfortunately it was a random Marshals find, so the hunt is still on for similar ones. This weekend I styled it with my Sorjet jacket for a bit of an edgier look.I loved that the jacket […]

Casual Monday!

Casual Fridays are SO overrated, casual Mondays are where it’s at! On Fridays I usually have plans or am just excited for the weekend, but Mondays are filled with alarm clocks, classes and homework with the storm cloud of the rest of the week hanging over my head. Although this does sound like the perfect […]

New Winter Favorites

Recently I have been really intrigued with the idea of winter whites. In Florida there isn’t actually a winter, so the days that it gets chilly, Floridians usually gravitated towards more typical winter colors. Here in Lexington winter can feel like it never ends, so white is like a breath of fresh air. Until recently […]

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