Tying it all together!

Technically this was my St. Patrick’s Day outfit that I just haven’t posted yet… But it does work for many different occasions! I love playing with mixing colors, and a patterned scarf is the perfect way to tie together a variety of random colors. This eShakti trench (In Navy, or similar in pink) coat is […]

All about the shoes.

What is it about purchasing a pair of red pumps that makes me feel like an adult now? I was at DSW (shocker) a few weeks ago armed with 30% off clearance, a $20 rewards card, and a $5 coupon. This made these stunning BCBG pumps $10! Yes, I am more proud of that than […]

Playing dress up!

On Friday I changed my sister’s plans up a bit, and surprised her and her friend with a trip to the mall for my favorite pastime at their age- Trying on prom dresses that I wouldn’t be able to wear for a few years! (side note, this is still one of my favorite pastimes…) Kate […]

My Spring Break

As you have probably figured our by now, I am not a normal college student. I planned my whole Spring Break around working as much as possible because that is what makes me happiest. During that week I styled five different photoshoots/events. One of them was for the Lexington Herald Leader which was printed today, […]

Offensive Midriffs?!?!

It takes a lot to offend me. I am known for letting a lot of thing roll off my back and shrugging stress off of my shoulders. One thing, particularly one class, has been eating at me recently. It is a class that  I was thrilled to take because I though we would be learning […]

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