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Lauren Allen Fashion Blog 2-4-15c

lauren allen fashion blog 2-1-15dI had an amazingly overwhelming day last Friday that I am still wrapping my head around. In passing I have recently mentioned a new business that I am part of. Swept Away Proposals and Events is an proposal and themed party planning company. I am one of four owners of this baby that is pushing through growing pains and on its way to becoming an Olympic athlete.

On Friday we had a lunch meeting where we worked on plans for our first few set jobs and then we met with the owner of the location where we are hosting our launch party. While at the second meeting we daydreamed about multiple other events that will be planned by Swept Away.

I left location flooded with emotions. Most of them being how awesome this is, but I also thought about if I had enough time to take on all of this, if I, as a college student, would be taken seriously in this industry… if I deserve to be taken seriously…

Then another amazing thing happened. I got an email from a journalist that I had asked for a quick comment for a paper I was writing. He wanted to meet in person, and one thing that I have grown to learn is that when given that opportunity, take it!

Sam Youngman had just spent the last 10 years working in D.C. as a political reporter. Not totally my thing, but still awesome! One thing he said to be has really stuck to me since. When, as a recent college graduate, he was asked to cover a presidential campaign he told himself “I’m good enough to be here, I’m good enough to take the chance to go there.” He went with self-confidence and the belief that he belonged there just as much as anyone else.

Here’s to jumping in headfirst and never looking back!


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