Leather and Llamas!

Yesterday, a classic wrap dress. Today, leather pants and a llama sweater. Examples like this are the reason why the question “What is your personal style?” is harder to answer than any SAT question. I wouldn’t have it any other way though! Playing with fashion is one of the best parts of my job. How […]

It’s a Wrap!

One of my guilty pleasures is attending bridal shows… The guilty part of that is that I am very single, and very broke, but they just make me happy! Luckily I have many connections in the the wedding industry. Last weekend I went to Bridal Bliss and walked around looking at wedding dresses and eating […]

Day to evening dressing!

On Saturday I spent the day shopping with mom and the evening attending a beauty pageant. This seemed like the perfect time to create an outfit that could be easily transformed from day to night. As much as I would love to be one of those fabulous women that could always wear heels, even out […]

Back to School!

For us crazy college students, a new semester is right around the corner (if not already here). I am here to ask a favor of all college students… Please at least try to get dressed every morning. It’s not really that hard, I promise! This semester I officially start upper level journalism at UK which […]


You know that wonderful cold that has been going around? Yea, I’ve got it too. Apparently fashion trends aren’t the only trends I catch onto. This meant multiple days in pajamas, and the days that I got dressed took all of my energy. But I do plan to start blogging more consistently now that vacation […]

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