Day to evening dressing!




On Saturday I spent the day shopping with mom and the evening attending a beauty pageant. This seemed like the perfect time to create an outfit that could be easily transformed from day to night.

As much as I would love to be one of those fabulous women that could always wear heels, even out shopping,I’m not there yet. This meant that flats were required for day time. Luckily, some flat boots are just as fabulous as a great paid of heels! Another comfort that I love for a day of shopping is a long cardigan and blanket scarf.

For night time I did put on some high heeled booties (obsessed) and switched out cozy for business and spiky! This was great for attending my first ever beauty pageant. A girl that I have styled for multiple photo shoots was competing, so it was fun to go and support her. Plus, I’m up for any excuse to get dressed up!









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