Broadway (day 6)

Another great day here in my future home town! (maybe??) spent the morning shopping in Century 21 picking up some fun new summer clothes, then went to the art and design museum, and tonight saw Memphis which was wonderful! There’s nothing better then getting dressed up and seeing a musical. My trusty red Tom’s got […]

Packing Day! (day 4)

Today was one of those running shorts and tank top kind of days. I spent the whole day doing laundry and packing. For what?? New York City!! I plan to shop until I drop! Here’s a money saving tip- when buying running shorts instead of buying the expensive Nike brand, get the Sophie version instead. […]

Work day (day 3)

Working for a makeup artist has many benefits including being able to wear fun outfits! Today i wore my favorite accessories, cheetah print flats and pink belt. Neutral colored shirts are always good to have around to be able to add fun accessories. It’s an inexpensive and easy way to always be in style. My […]

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