Gloomy day (day 26)

Throughout the last couple of days there has been a tropical storm making its way through Florida which has brought on a ton of rain. Yet the rain has not brought on any cool weather! It was over 90 degrees outside this afternoon. Craziness. On the bright side though, I picked up my cap and […]

Shoe shopping (day 25)

Today I went to a business meeting at 7 am. With that being said my creativity to put together a new outfit was distant. Plus I only have so many good business outfits (being 18 and all) so I wore the outfit from day 2 and added the fabulous jewelry that is shown in the […]

Team Work (day 23)

As I have mentioned before I work for a make up artist. The artist just happens to be my mom! Today we did make up on 5 people for the gorgeous bride, Crystal’s wedding. We wear all black so that we look professional while being able to lay low in the background of pictures and […]

Resort Wear (day 22)

We’re heading back home today 🙁 but before we left we spent out last couple of hours by the pool at a resort. These little summer dresses could not be more perfect as a bathing suit cover up! The one I wore today was from forever 21 so you know it was cheep. They are […]

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