Offensive Midriffs?!?!

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It takes a lot to offend me. I am known for letting a lot of thing roll off my back and shrugging stress off of my shoulders. One thing, particularly one class, has been eating at me recently. It is a class thatĀ  I was thrilled to take because I though we would be learning about successful, strong, proud women. Instead we have been spending the last couple of classes tearing women down for what they are wearing.

Earlier this week we read an article about midriffs in advertising. The author’s point of view was that showing midriffs in advertising objectifies women. She believes that this is showing women to be inferior to men. Before getting to why this offends me, I just need to point out Abercrombie, Calvin Klein, and practically every perfume advertisement ever that sexualizes men’s midriffs.

The main thing that bothers me about this article is that we are blaming advertisers for just publishing what is already in fashion. Crop tops are one of the biggest fashion trends this season. This is not because the advertisers told us to wear them, it is because trend setting fashionistas and designers decided that they liked crop tops, which slowly trickled town to the mass market. These trend setters are not influenced by getting male attention, a fear of standing out, or self-consciousness. They are the successful, strong, proud women that I was hoping to learn about in this class.

I am not saying that it is necessarily the best thing in the world, but, in my opinion, women in advertising look very strong and in charge of their own bodies, no matter how much clothing they have on. The only thing that we need to worry about is making sure that young girls understand that there is a difference between real life and advertising.

We need to stop blaming and pointing fingers, and start researching and asking questions.

P.S. I confidently wore this outfit before the subject came up in class!

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3 thoughts on “Offensive Midriffs?!?!

  1. Lauren,
    You ARE a beautiful strong minded, well spoken young woman and I applaud you for taking on this issue and it seems half of the world who is in disagreement with you. But that s what makes the fashion world and life so great is that you can choose what YOU LIKE, WHAT YOU FEEL GOOD IN , YOU GO GIRL BECAUSE YOU- ARE GOING TO CHANGE THE FASHION WORLD ONE DAY OR AT LEASY TURN IT ON ITS SIDE!!!

  2. I agree that classes should be geared towards empowering and positivity. You look beautiful and sadly your professor needs a life lesson from his student about negativity.

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