Downtown Dinner!

This week has been pretty laid back for me with the only thing on the agenda being lifeguarding and studying for my online class. Unfortunately none of that requires getting out of running shorts and t-shirts. I can literally feel myself going crazy if I spend to much time in running shorts, so last night I dragged my friend […]

Mixing work and school!

Today I had another day of bringing magazines around town, but I also had to get some school work done for my online class. Because I wanted to look nice while also be able to curl up with a text book, I wore my teal jeans and a silk off the shoulder top. For my […]

Day time leather!

Lately I have been talking a lot about dressing up a casual piece, but today I decided to try to dress down a pair of leather shorts. I have had these shorts for a while expecting to wear them dressed up to a party or some sort of night out, and since I have not […]

Party Time!

Yesterday was the first day in over a year that I did not post a blog! It was very weird, but also nice to be able to get some other things done. I was so busy yesterday that I did not have a chance to take good pictures, so that is why today you have […]

Here’s to another amazing year!

Since yesterday was the Kentucky Derby I didn’t get to fully celebrate my first year as a daily fashion blogger, so tonight I went out to dinner with my family after church! I had a very cute outfit in mind for a nice dinner out, but Mother Nature decided that the grass needed to by watered and it […]

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