Here’s to another amazing year!

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Since yesterday was the Kentucky Derby I didn’t get to fully celebrate my first year as a daily fashion blogger, so tonight I went out to dinner with my family after church! I had a very cute outfit in mind for a nice dinner out, but Mother Nature decided that the grass needed to by watered and it did not stop raining all day which also came with 50 degree weather. That required rain boots and many layers. This shirt is a favorite of mine that I haven’t worn since I moved, so I decided that it would be perfect for today with leggings and a jean jacket. What really pulled together this whole outfit was my trusty collar necklace with blue, red, yellow, and every other color you could need to work with. The outfit is not exactly what I would have liked to wear to a nice steak restaurant, but it was great for church and still got me through an amazing meal.

If you missed yesterday’s one year of blogging blog, check it out here! Thanks for reading! 🙂

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